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Custom laser safety windows are available in two options: machined/ fabricated window and laser cut window. Both options are precision manufactured to meet today's stringent requirements. Whether you need one part or thousands, you get what you want... in the shortest lead time possible. At Laser Safety Industries, special attention is given to holding tolerances to your prints. We pay close attention to your specifications during every phase of fabrication, whether you require a single prototype or a production run of thousands.

Machined and Fabricated Laser Safety Windows

We are equipped to fabricate many custom sizes and configurations for laser safety windows. As a custom fabricator, we will work to the exact configurations specified on your drawings.

Custom Laser Cut Laser Safety Windows

With Custom precision laser cut windows, you can quickly and economically realize intricate designs for laser safety windows that would be difficult and too complex to create by hand. Custom cut laser safety windows utilize CAD drawing files to ensure correct and accurate finished products. Please contact us about tolerances and restrictions. We can use most standard vector-graphics file types for laser cutting parts including DXF, DWG, PDF, CDR, AI, and SVG.
Accepted file types:
  • DXF
  • DWG
  • AI (Adobe Illustrator)
  • SVG
  • PDF
Custom laser windows cannot be ordered online at this time. To order a customer cut laser safety window call us at 1-888-752-7370 (952-405-6947) or email us at
Laser Safety Viewing Windows are not intended to replace laser protective eyewear (laser glasses or laser goggles) or other laser safety products that maybe required. Contact us or your certified laser safety officer for more information.