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Kids Laser Safety Goggles

Protect children's eyes from the harmful effect of lasers. We have laser safety goggles made and designed fit children or youth. No more worrying if the glasses will fall off their face or if they have gaps around the eyes.
26 frame kids laser safety goggles are intended to provide protection from class 3R, Class 3B and dangerous Class 4 lasers. Children's laser protective eyewear offer great protection during medical and dental procedures and can be used in a variety of other application were children's laser protection is required.
LSO's (Laser Safety Officer) need to consider working environments, viewing conditions and beam delivery systems when making assessments and determining the correct laser glasses to protect against potentially hazardous laser radiation. Do not operate lasers without correct protective equipment and training.
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100-26-145 Kids Laser Goggles
Our Price: $149.00
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100-26-145 Kids and youth laser safety goggles for use with Alexandrite lasers (755 nm). Will also provide protection for diode lasers (808 nm, 810 nm), UV lasers (190-380 nm), CO2 lasers (10,600 nm).
OD Specifications:
OD 5+ @ 715-810 nm
OD 7+ @ 755 nm
OD 6+ @ 810 nm