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Laser Safety Glasses and Goggles for use in Medical, Military, Research and Education, and Industrial laser applications. We manufacture and provide you with a complete line of laser protection for all Lasers giving you high quality protection products for eyes and skin. Our laser safety glasses, goggles, and eye wear can protect the eyes from the hazardous reflected or scattered high powered laser light (radiation): Class 3R, Class 3B and Class 4 laser systems.

When buying Laser safety glasses and goggles be sure to select the laser glasses to block or attenuate the appropriate wavelength range and OD (Optical Density). The operating parameters of your laser, or a Certified Laser Safety Officer (LSO), will determine what laser safety glasses you should use. If you do not have a CLSO on staff or information in your laser manual, please contact us and our laser safety experts can help you. We offer free consultation and OD calculation for laser systems. CE certified laser safety glasses and goggles also available.

We engrave our laser glasses and goggles to ensure that specifications are permanent, and do not rub off like other laser safety products companies. The laser glasses you buy can also be custom engraved at no additional charge. Please contact us for more information about adding custom engraving and marking to your next order of laser safety glasses or goggles. All our laser glasses meet or exceed ANSI Z136.1 requirements for use with laser systems and we are proud sponsors of the LIA (Laser Institute of America).
Polycarbonate Glass
Polycarbonate laser glasses are lightweight, economical, and can offer protection from many class 4 lasers. more info
Get the maximum protection and durability from laser radiation with glass filter laser safety glasses. more info
Dielectric Coated Frame Styles
Coated laser safety glasses provide you high OD's at very specific wavelengths giving you the most visibility. more info
Laser Safety Industries has 5 frame styles to choose from for protection from. more info
Prescription Kid's
Laser Safety Industries offers single and bifocal prescription laser safety glasses. more info
Protect children's eyes from the harmful effect of lasers. We have laser safety glasses and goggles made and designed fit children or youth.  No more worrying if the glasses will fall off their face or if they have gaps around the eyes. more info
CE Glasses Visible Laser
CE marked laser glasses and goggles to meet the requirements of European countries that require EN 207, EN 208, and EN 60825 protective eyewear. more info
Laser safety glasses for visible wavelength lasers. Green light and red light lasers. more info
IR Laser UV Laser
Laser safety glasses for IR wavelength lasers. more info
UV laser safety glasses, goggles, and eye wear. more info
Laser protective glasses with appropriately filtering optics can protect the eyes from the reflected or scattered laser light with a hazardous beam power as well as from direct exposure to a laser beam. Laser protective glasses must be selected for the specific type of laser to block or attenuate the appropriate wavelength(s).

Laser Glasses are rated for optical density (OD), which is the base-10 logarithm of the attenuation factor by which the optical filter reduces beam power. In an environment with potential exposure to laser beams, correct eye protection is recommended for beams of Class 3R, Class 3B and Class 4.

Guidelines for the safe use of laser protective glasses and goggles, or other elements of safe laser use, is provided in the ANSI Z136 series of standards.

It is strongly recommended, and is required in the workplace by the U.S. Occupational Safety and Health Administration - OSHA, to use laser eye protection when operating lasers of classes 3B or class 4 in a manner that may result in eye exposure in excess of the MPE.