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Laser Safety Training and Audits

Laser Audits, On-site and On-line Training

Training operators & staff in the proper safe use of lasers is even more important today. That is why Laser Safety Industries offers an advanced on-site and on-line training program that meets the ANSI Z136.1, Safety Use of Lasers, requirements for laser safety training.

Laser Audits

On-site laser audits help you make sure all the appropriate laser safety precautions are in place. A Certified Laser Safety Officer evaluates your laser system, application, training, and current control measures to asses if they meet ANSI requirements for safety use with lasers. Call for more information and pricing.

Laser Safety Training On-site

On-site training program address laser safety issues and present methods for controlling laser associated hazards. It reviews local, state, federal regulations, and national standards to meet goals of this laser safety training. This program also reviews the ANSI standards guidelines for developing appropriate control measures which minimize potential hazards for all laser personnel. Call for pricing and to schedule your training.

Laser Safety Training On-line

Online laser safety courses give you the opportunity to gain more knowledge in less time. They are comprehensive, budget-friendly and convenient, enabling you to access coursework when and where itís convenient for you with an internet connection. Clicking on the links below will take you LIA's website to purchase on-line training. Call for additional details, price and ordering. See below for available on-line courses.

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