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Personalize Your Laser Glasses or Laser Goggles
laser safety industries laser safety prescription glasses, goggles, and fit-over style laser glasses and goggles

Laser Safety Industries has your solution for laser glasses and goggles with custom labeling. Now you can customize, and personalize, your laser safety glasses and laser goggles for FREE*. Laser Safety Industries offers free personalization of laser glass and laser goggles in addition to the ANSI standard or CE markings. This personalization is permanently engraved, like all our specifications, for lasting quality and clarity. No minimum quantity required, order 1 or 5000.

Why customize your laser glasses and laser goggles?
Customizing your laser glasses and laser goggles can help reduce confusion and improve organization of laser safety eye wear in your workplace.

Customization examples of laser eye wear:

  1. Office Name - Dr. John Smith's Laser Clinic
  2. Room or Lab - LAB 12B
  3. Laser Specific - For use only with Cooltouch Laser
  4. Color Coding for environments with multiple lasers
  5. Company Name - LaserSmiths
  6. Company Logo - see below for details.

The options are endless and only limited to the space available on the laser glasses. Customization text can be engraved on the left side of the laser glasses or laser goggles, either on the top brow or side shield area depending on the frame style. Standard sans-serif font (Arial) available for engraving. Color Options: White, Black, and Blue.

How do I get my glasses personalized on phone or faxed orders?
To add customization to orders placed by phone or fax simply specify the text you would like to add to the glasses to the laser safety expert when you are placing the order by phone or attach the information on your faxed PO.

How do I get customized laser glasses and laser goggles for online orders?
Contact us for customizing orders made online prior to finalizing the order.

How do I get my company logo on my laser glasses or laser goggles?
Laser Safety Industries also offers private labeling of glasses and goggles. Please contact us for further details.

*Free customization requires purchase of laser glasses or goggles from Laser Safety Industries. Please contact us for further details and customization limitations or option not listed herein. 40% restocking fee applies to all returned laser glasses with customization.